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Maurya Hotel - Patna - Bihar
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Maurya Hotel - Patna Outer View Hotel Maurya-Patna is managed under the capable leadership of the General Manager, Mr. Bansi Dhar Singh, an experienced and qualified professional with a Diploma in Hotel Management from I.H.M., Calcutta. The Head of Departments (HODs) of Hotel Maurya-Patna also are qualified and highly motivated professionals.

Our MOTTO is "Your Home & Office Away From Home" and with that motto we serve our valued guests with utmost levels of Indian hospitality.

Hotel Maurya-Patna is a pioneering project of Bihar Hotels Limited (BHL). BHL has been successfully operating its five star Hotel in Patna since 1978. And since then, the company has generated foreign exchange for the state of over Rs. 34 million. Most of this income has been generated from foreign tourists coming from Japan and the Far Eastern countries, who are on pilgrimage to the Buddhist shrines of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

The hotel property is located on a two and a half acre plot in the prime commercial area of Patna (Gandhi Maidan). Its prime location gives the hotel a definitive competitive advantage over any other existing or new hotel since land is very scarce and expensive in central Patna. The hotel offers 80 centrally air-conditioned rooms with three food outlets, four conference, banquet facilities, swimming pool and so forth.

The state of Bihar has a number of historical sites of supreme interest to Buddhists from all over the world. The capital city of Patna is visited by a large number of travellers as well as elite business travellers, both domestic & international. Maurya-Patna is the only 5 star hotel in Bihar and Jharkhand to cater to such a tourist market. It is located on prime property in the heart of commercial Patna, giving it a definitive locational advantage over any current or future competitors. Not only that, the commitment to continuous enhancement in service levels remains forever high. It is a constant endeavor on part of the management of the hotel and their core team, to benchmark quality standards against the best in the industry.


It is situated in the city's quietest area,
6 kms. from Airport,
1 km. from Railway Station,
1 km. from Bus Stand and
All Government & Multi-national Offices are within a range of 3 kms.

Maurya Hotel - Patna Location Map View

Basic Facilities

The hotel is centrally air-conditioned; and if you are here for business or pleasure, it is our endeavour to see that the best conditions are provided to you. We strongly aim to make this as Your Home & Office, Away From Home!

Business Center

State-of-art business center facilitates all business activities. The center also provides round-the-clock email and Internet access. There is provision for photocopier and faxing machines along with modern presentation equipment.

Car Rental facilities are available through our Business Center. We recommend that you use our official car rental facilities as it is not advisable to rent vehicles from independent operators.

Swimming Pool

Conferences or Marriage Parties - 1500 to 2500 persons

Barber / Beauty Salon

“Menaka” beauty Salon is located in the shopping arcade of the hotel and offers various beauty treatments and services including hair cuts.


  • Spice Court :

    A restaurant that shows the grandeur of a royal court, sunlit through an atrium, offering subtly spiced food from Thailand to India. The alluring vista of majestic palm-fanned columns, the aura of quiet efficiency and the view of the pool spell royal serenity. 

    Seats: 82, Timings: 12pm to 3 pm & 8 pm to 11 pm (open for Lunch & Dinner, facing the swimming pool ), with live Indian music.

  • Heritage Room :

    A small, secluded, and private dining area adjoining the Spice Court. 

    Cuisine : Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai, and Mughlai

  • Bar : Well stocked Bar
  • Vaishali Cafe :                                                                        Vital to the two religions towards which Mauryan King Ashoka was drawn, this city has seen many mighty empires. Apart from being the world's first democratic republic, it has found mention in the great epic 'Ramayana'. The charm of our Café reflects this.

    Seats: 32, Timing 7.30 am to 11 pm (Buffet Breakfast 7.30 am to 10 am)
    Cuisine : Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese and Snacks
  • Bollywood Treat :

    A vegetarian family restaurant offering mouth watering delights like chaat, south Indian, sandwiches, and bakery fresh pastries. The ambience of the restaurant is breathtaking not because of the scenic views that it offers but because of the inherent theme of Bollywood Glitz in every aspect of the décor. An additional attractive feature of this restaurant is video games and a toy train available to entertain kids.

    Seats: 70

    Timings: 12 pm to 10 pm

Banquets/ Halls

  • Kautilya Hall :

    A name given to 'Chanakya' in recognition of his shrewdness. He has authored the 'Arth Shastra', in which his approach to Diplomacy and rules that govern society are extremely relevant, even today. He was the centre of attraction of many a court; our biggest convention centre honours him. 

    Theatre Style - 250 to 300 persons
    U-Shape / Classroom - 80 to 100 persons                           For Party / Marriage - 400 to 500 persons

  • Nalanda Hall :

    The site of one of the most noted monasteries for people coming from all over Asia, it was well known for its intellectual life. In its time, it was known to have over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers. Our second biggest convention centre is named after this site. 

    Theatre Style - 75 to 100 persons
    U-Shape / Classroom - 40 to 50 persons
    For Party - 100 to 150 persons

  • Chanakya Hall :

    Legendary advisor to Mauryan Kings, he gave them total loyalty. No major decision was ever made without consulting him. To inspire others, we have named our Conference room after him. 

    Theatre Style - 40 to 50 persons
    U-Shape / Classroom - 30 to 40 persons
    For Party - 60 to 80 persons

  • Durbar I & Durbar II Hall :

    Courts and Chambers where discussions were held and decisions made, these massive halls were exquisitely decorated. Often Kings would spend hours here taking stock of their subjects. Such are the conventions we have recreated. 

    Theatre Style - 25 to 30 persons
    U-Shape / Classroom - 20 to 25 persons
    For Party - 40 to 50 persons

  • Lumbini Hall :

    The birthplace of Prince Siddhartha who was destined to be the Enlightened One and spend many years in what was to become the Mauryan Empire. This fertile region in Nepal is still visited today by tourists all over the world. At Hotel Maurya-Patna, this is embodied by a well-appointed hall for conferences, a swimming pool, lush lawns and sprawling gardens. 

    Theatre Style - 60 to 75 persons
    U-Shape / Classroom - 40 to 50 persons
    For Party - 100 to 150 persons

  • Administrator Hall :

    A similar chamber in which open discussions are held and reviews made of the happenings during the preceding week. This debriefing exercise helps to shape rules and policies for coming weeks.

    Theatre Style - 15 to 20 persons

  • Board Room :

    Often the venue where Directors of a company or conglomerate discuss agenda and deliberate over important issues. Owing to the sensitive nature of topics, complete privacy is assured.

    Oval Shape - 15 to 20 persons

  • Ashoka Hall :

    A Mauryan King recognized as one of the greatest and most respected of Indian sovereigns. His wisdom and valour were unmatched; at a very young age he realized the futility of violence, and found it far more rewarding to propagate the message of love. This hall is in his memory. 

    Theatre Style - 25 to 30 persons
    U-Shape / Classroom - 15 to 20 persons
    For Party - 40 to 50 persons


  • Club Room : These are our high end premium rooms with richly detailed interiors and excellent room facilities.
  • Mauryan Chambers : Rooms to suit the budget traveller. A popular category for company executives as also the cost conscious traveller.
  • Oriental Room (Suite) : Cozy and compact set of rooms impeccably furnished and decorated. The motif adopted for this accommodation reflects the mystique of China and the allure of the East. The essence of Dragons and Mandarins find a natural home here.
  • Residency Appartment (Suite) : This VVIP suite of rooms is infused with the aura of British Royalty, and has the old world colonial charm of yesteryear. Its spacious living room area can comfortably seat a horde of guests.
  • Mithila Suite : Neighbours to the Magadh Empire was the Mithila Kingdom, distinctive in its art style and architecture. The essence of Mithila is recaptured in this large Suite.
  • Grant Prix Suite : This is an extremely well appointed Suite of Rooms, tastefully decorated in cane (even the refrigerator is cane !) with all modern amenities. It is so named that a stay here is always regarded as being richly rewarding.

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Maurya Hotel - Patna Room View


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Maurya Hotel - Patna,  5***** Star
South Gandhi Maidan, Patna, 800 001, India

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Mauryan Chamber Single Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 8500
Mauryan Chamber Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 9500
Club Room Single Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 8500
Club Room Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 9500
Club Premier Room Single Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 10000
Club Premier Room Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 11000
Grand Prix Suite Single/Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 22000
Oriental Suite Single/Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 22000
Mithila Apartment Suite Single/Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 25000
Residency Apartment Suite Single/Double Occupancy on CP Plan  INR 25000
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Inclusive  : Inclusive of Accommodation & Breakfast .
Extra Taxes : Extra Luxury Tax + 5.15% Service Tax as Applicable.

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Meal Plan: EP-Room Only, CP-With Breakfast, MAP-Breakfast and Dinner, AP-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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