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Huthri Festival in Kodgu District - Coorg / Karnataka

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Huthri is a traditional harvest festival of Karnataka widely known for the variety of dances and folk songs which are performed on the day of the festival. This harvest festival is celebrated in different parts of the state during the months of November-December.

There is a trend among the Indian farmers to celebrate the harvest seasons by worshiping God. The tradition prevails among the Indian farmers because they are more religious and always seek the favor of God. Huthri of Karnataka is a harvest festival celebrated in areas around Coorg in Karnataka.

of Karnataka become prepared to be harvested. This is undoubtedly a very happy moment for the farmers. The paddy becomes ready to cut. The Huthri festival of Karnataka is celebrated at that time. Harvesting begins when the head of the family formally cuts a handful of paddy on a full moon night.

The peasants who come to celebrate this festival take a bunch of crop each and preserve them at home as a sign of good luck and prosperity. The cutting of new crop on a full moon night is hailed by the chants as Poli. The motive of celebrating Huthri is to get the blessings of the God which will increase the amount of crop year after year.

This celebration is followed by a cultural activity. Each village represents its own cultural activities. The Huthri festival witnesses a large variety of dances and other folk and cultural activities by the peasants of Karnataka.

Even a shot is fired to admire Lord Iguthappa, the God of the Kadova people.


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