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Kabini River Lodge (KaraPur)

K.Gudi in B R Hills
Devbagh Beach Resort( Karwar)
Kali River Lodge(Dadeli)
Cauvery Fishing Camp
Devbagh Beach Resort - Karwar

Devbagh Beach Resort - Karwar Outer ViewIt was somewhere between 1882 and 1883, when India’s first Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore stayed at Karwar. His brother Satyendranath Tagore, I.C.S., was the district judge of North Kanara, and Rabindranath was only 22 years old then.

Fascinated by the beach and the abounding sea, Rabindranath, with his party on one moonlit night, set out on a rowing boat from one end of the beach. Crossing the point of confluence of the Kali River with the sea, they sailed on along the meandering river, upstream. On their way back, they glided down with the current until they reached the mouth of the river. The party got off the boat there, and walked back home on the milky white sands of the beach. It was now far into the night. The sea was calm and so were the casuarinas. That night, even when everything around him slept, something kept Tagore awake. He wrote “Prakritir Pratishoota” or 'Nature’s Revenge', a dramatic poem, and his very first play.

As Tagore reflected later, this poem was the genesis of his w
hole literary career, and the inspiration of Karwar remained in all his later literary works.

This is the place that we invite you to discover

Location :

By Air-
You can fly to Dabolim Airport (Goa) and take a taxi. Devbagh is just 2 ½ hours from there.

By Train-
Karwar is connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Cochin and other important places through the Konkan Railway. Fast trains do not stop at Karwar; so one has to alight at Madgaon (Goa) or at Ankola and then reach Karwar by road. However, there are quite a few slower trains that stop at Karwar.
The journey between Mangalore & Karwar takes not more than 4 hours. Visitors from Chennai can enter via Mangalore. For details, kindly enquire with the Railway authorities.
Travelers from Bangalore and Hyderabad should get off at Hubli and proceed by road to Karwar. The road between Hubli & Karwar, is one of the best in Karnataka and passes through thick jungle.

By Bus-
Overnight deluxe bus services are available from Bangalore. Buses also ply between Madgaon and Karwar at regular intervals.


Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ Devbagh Beach Resort is located amidst a Casuarina grove on the charming Devbagh beach. The resort faces the shallow, safe and private beach just for JLR guests. The resort has well-appointed Log huts and Cottages on stilts with attached baths."

The resort has the open-to-sides gazebo (Gol Ghar) exclusively for guests dining. The dining area fosters sharing of the day’s experiences among the guests.
Our resort has become popular for its water sports and other adventure activities. We offer snorkeling, speedboat cruises, banana boat rides and para-sailing.

The Cuisine
At Devbagh Beach Resort, we offer you best of local vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The fish served is fresh and would tantalize your taste buds. If interested, we can provide you Chinese and Continental meals too. All our meals are buffet style and served at the Ghol Ghar


Wander off to the nearby Devbagh village and watch the fishermen land their daily catch - mackerel, prawns and pomfret among many others. Now it is the turn of the womenfolk to sort and carry them in baskets to the local market for sale. If you dare, set off in catamarans to see the casting of the nets in the ocean. In case you want to try your hand at angling, get into a native two-man dugout along with a local fisherman and enjoy yourself.

Bustling with activity, the fishing harbour is definitely worth a look too. Here one can see numerous trawlers filled with fish entering one by one, and porters busily loading the catch on to waiting trucks. Visit the nearby processing plant and enter its deep-freeze chamber. Experience a temperature of minus 40C Get a whiff of the polar air!

To follow on Tagore’s footsteps, cruise up the Kali River from the point where river meets sea. Watch the dolphins as they gracefully dive into the azure waters. Bordering the resort are clusters of mangrove, the salt loving trees that stand on stilts, with their pneumatophores or breathing roots jutting out. This is also an excellent spot for bird watching.


Devbagh, though a beach resort is teeming with wildlife and birds. The waters of Devbagh offer divers a unique view of the underwater world. Various fish and corals abound the waters. Dolphins are often sighted while we are on a cruise. Bird watchers would be delighted by the number of avian friends that can be spotted here – Brahminy Kites, Sandpipers, Gulls, Terns, Swifts and Kingfishers.

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Devbagh Beach Resort - Karwar Room View

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              Devbagh Beach Resort (Karwar). Jungle Lodge

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