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Royal Bastar Farm


Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat

State Chattisgarh
City Jagdalpur
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Roayl Bastar Farm - Jagdalpur / Chattisgarh

'Royal Bastar Farm', is the heritage farm house (Resort) of the Bastar Royal Family, located near a 'Madiya' Tribal village in the jungles of Bastar, a few kilometers from Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh, India. It provide all modern luxuries of lodging at the same time fulfilling your demand of eco, ethno and wild life tourism. It is gateway to 'Bastar'. When you stay in the 'Royal Bastar Farm' tour of Bastar is a different experience altogether.

Combination of Tribal Ambience and Comfort. Do not see Bastar, feel it.

The resort 'Royal Bastar Farm' caters for the desire of our guests to enjoy  'Bastar' that is the 'Tribal Ambience'. The ethnic ambience is there in every thing. The location is central to all places of tourist interest in Bastar. The comfort is there to match the ambience. Our guests all go happy when they stay at Royal Bastar Farm as recorded by them in our guest book. Our offer includes: Comfortable stay in 'Huts' designed and built with the Tribal Spirit, tradition and Art. It forms part of the tribal village, thus providing a first hand knowledge about the tribes. Exquisite tribal cuisines prepared typically in the tribal methods and style by trained tribal cooks. Close interaction with the tribes in their daily life- farming, hunting, dance and sing, practice of art and culture, religious activities etc. Guided visit to the tourist places with picnic, photography and other activities of interest such as fishing, hunting, bird watching etc. Visit to Museums, Ashna Park, Shabri etc. Procurement of tribal Artefacts and dispatch of the same to the destinations with minimum charges. Cultural programs by the tribes where the visitor can take active part and learn their skills while enjoying.


Tourist Places

From the view point of tourists and tourism, Bastar is called the 'Kashmir of Chhattisgarh. The deep forest, thick bamboo bushes, rare and costly variety of trees such as Sal, Teak, Sheesam, Bija etc. between high mountains, cool flowing stream, sprawling green valleys, caves, high waterfalls, and in the valleys dot the bamboo huts dwelled by the tribes with their fearless life style fill our heart and soul with wonder and pleasure. Bastar has also so many places which are worth seeing not only in Bastar district, but also in the neighboring districts Dantewada and Kanker, which are in Bastar division. Its often heard that there are many places of wonder which are yet to be unexplored. Bastar imprints an inerasable memory in the mind of a tourist.

  • Chitrakoot and Tirathgarh Falls

  • Kuttumsar, Kailash & Dandak Caves

  • Barnawapara Sanctuary

  • Sita Nadi Sanctuary

  • Udanti Sanctuary

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Royal Bastar Farm - Chattisgarh

The Palace Jagdalpur, Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh - 494 001, India.

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