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Mauli Village
Mauli Village - Alibaug  -  Maharashtra
[Maharastra] [Reservation]
Mauli Village - Alibaug Outer ViewTake a trip to this scenic farm house in Alibaug, where you can re-ignite the bonds with your kith and kin and friends. Mauli Village is a place where your entire family can plan a vacation. You can have the exhilaration of the feeling of being born again, of the warmth and comforts in the very womb of Mother Nature!

Feel the contrasts of the view of mounts and hills and the splendors of the beach and sea nearby. Smell the fresh air and experience the totally non-polluted environs! Feel the experience of your children enjoying Bullock cart and Horse rides. Sit on the rocks with your feet in the rivulet; enjoy very intimate moments by the ponds, the forests and greenery.

Enjoy the green surrounds, the mango, jamb and chickoo grooves; along with tomato, cabbage, brinjal and banana cultivation; the association of swans, rabbits, ducks, various fowls and many more that in many ways makes you feel more at home than most Holiday resorts in Alibaug. During monsoon, hear the lilting songs of the rivulets, the beats of the falls that calm your mind and take away the day-to-day worries of your life. Relax on the hammocks, swing under the trees, laze in the sun; hear the wind blow back while you take a nap under the trees. Taste garden fresh food; feel the friendliness, warmth and personalized attention from the staff, a treat you will find it hard to get even in the Hotels in Alibaug.


Mauli Village - Alibaug Location Map ViewResort has well furnished rooms with each and every facilities. It gives total relaxation in holidays. Coming to Alibaug is a full of happiness and good tourist spot for picnic.

It gives memories of beautiful nights in the bungalows rooms. Here you can enjoy your holidays with every entertainment means such as television.

Two chairs and light will give you rocking effect in melodious mood.


  • The farm house retains the simple village rope swings for children's enjoyment.
  • Hammock is the very good arrangement for all age people. They enjoy their holidays under the roof of trees and with zula also.
  • This is a traditional cot that you may find in any Indian village. You may relax on this under the shade of a tree and absorb the typical atmosphere of a village life.
  • Cricket Ground is fully covered with the mango trees and net. Also have Hollyball ground and Badminton court.
  • You will get pleasure of taking horse riding at village.
  • Resort will provide bullock cart facility to make ride. It is shown as traditional transport of village.

... Room View ...

Mauli Village - Alibaug Room View

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Mauli Village - Alibaug - Maharashtra

At - Satirje , Post - Mapagaon, Tal - Alibaug , Dist - Raigad, Maharashtra.

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