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Cherrapunji Sightseeing
Viewpoints and Places of Tourist Interest in Cherrapunjee
  1. Mawkdok / Dympep Valley View (Midway between Shillong and Cherrapunjee).
  2. Sohra Market.
  3. Rama Krishna Mission Museum
  4. Nohkalikai Waterfalls
  5. Riat Mawiew / The Grand Canyon of Cherrapunjee
  6. First Presbyterian Church, Tombs of Welsh Missionaries, Anglican Cemetery
  7. David Scott Memorial
  8. Eco-Park
  9. Mawsmai Lighted Cave
  10. Nohsngithiang Waterfalls
  11. Thangkharang Park / Kynrem Waterfalls
  12. Khoh Ramhah / Pillar Rock
  13. DaiŮthlen Waterfalls
  14. Living Root Bridge - Exclusive to Meghalaya (A trek of 3 to 4 hours to and fro.)
  15. Double Decker Root Bridge - Unique in the World. (An whole day trek.)
  16. Cherrapunjee Meteorological Observatory

Cherrapunjee comes alive during the monsoon months with the clouds hugging and kissing the Khasi Hills and the deluge giving birth to many waterfalls.  The drive to Cherrapunjee along beautiful, winding, well-paved smooth road cut into the top of the hills overlooking deep valleys itself is a joy.  If you are at the wheel, you will simply love to keep driving on and on in such a scenic place with roads like airport runways.  You can halt anywhere along the road to take in the beauty of the place.  If you have an eye for beauty, you donít need concrete pillars and iron railings to tell you that a particular place is a viewpoint.

Some days the whole place is enveloped in clouds and you can see only opaque clouds.  Normally even in those days, when you can not see anything because you are totally inside the clouds, if you stay here you will get chances to be amazed by the beauty of the place, when the clouds lift their mantle over these mesmerising hills, throbbing with silvery white waterfalls.  Winter is the most ideal time for trekking holidays.  The Living Root Bridge and Double Decker Root Bridge treks are open throughout the year.  In the monsoon months it takes more time to go down the steps due to slippery condition.  If proper care is exercised there is less chance of slipping.  Villagers use these paths everyday.

India Meteorological Observatory is very next to Halari Restaurant. It is because of meteorological people's work since the 1830/1840s, Cherrapunjee is known through out the world to almost every primary school student. Hats off to these wonderful, patient and hard working  people who had worked to collect invaluable rainfall data over a century and a half to put Cherrapunjee on the World Map. Drop in to meet these Heroes and learn how they collect and record rainfall.  You will do them proud.

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