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OTDC Panthanivas

State Orissa
City Keonjhar
Nearest Airport --
Roads --
Railway Junctions --
Local Languages Oriya
OTDC Panthanivas - Keonjhar - Orissa

Spread over an area of 8,240, Keonjhar is as varied as the whole of Orissa with water-falls of various sizes and roaring gorges with rolling boulders spreading onwards to the plains of Anandapur which are a rare combination to be found else where.This district is highly rich in mineral resources and has vast deposits of Iron, Manganese and Chrome Ores.

Keonjhar, the district headquarters town, has varieties of attractions like Vishnu Temple, Jagannath Temple and on its outskirts the shrines of Siddha Jagannath, Siddha Kali and Panchabati amidst picturesque settings. Sitabinji, 30 km from keonjhar, on river Sita, is a place having ancient fresco painting on a rock shelter called Ravan Chhaya.

Place to Visit

eonjhar district is a green land of panoramic beauties and a store house of mineral wealth. It offers a variety of attractions to the tourists which includes religious shrines, fresco painting, waterfalls and above all the exotic natural beauty. The terraced villages buzzing with the sweet melodies of the birds take the visitors to a dream land. The simplicity of the tribal folk mixed with the gaiety of their festivals can keep the visitors amused. A visit to the district will be an unforgetable experience.

Ghatagaon : 50 kms. from Keonjhar on the National Highway No.215  towards Cuttack,  the place is known throughout the state for the shrine of Goddess Tarini.

Sitabinji : It is situated on the river Sita.   The spot has gained prominence as a place having ancient freso paintings on a rock shelter called Ravan Chhaya which is like  a  half  opened umbrella.   The   painting    depicts   a    royal procession.   It is 30 kms.  from Keonjhar ( 23 Kms. on   the Jajpur-Keonjhar  Road  upto Katrabeda and 7 Kms  from    there ).

Badaghagara : It is  9   kms.  from Keonjhar on NH-6 towards Sambalpur, it is yet another small ( 200 ft.   high) but exiting waterfall.  It is one of  the most popular picnic spots of Keonjhar district.

Sanghagara : It is  6 kms.  from Keonjhar on NH-6 towards Sambalpur. It is a small (100 ft. high) and beautiful waterfall,suitable for outing.

Keonjhargarh : Keonjhargarh, the District headquarters is famous   for the Vishnu Temple.  On its out-skirts are the shrines of Sidha  Jagannath,  Sidhakali   and  Panchabati   amidts   picturesque settings. 

Deogaon (Kosaleswar) : On the river Kusei near Anandapur.  the temple of Kosaleswar  built  in Cicra 900 AD is a famous centre  of   piligrimage.   Once upon a time it was a flourshing  seat   of Budhism.    Even   now    a  5  feet  high   image   of      Abalokiteswar stands there as reminiscence of the Budhist    activities  in  the past.  Another important manument of the place  is the stone embackment on the river which  is  the second of its kind in the state.

Hadagarh : The Salandi river flowing between two high mountains and a dam built over it are the main attractions for the tourists. This place is at a distance of 119km from Keonjhar.

Gonasika : Situated at a distance of 45 km from Keonjhar, Gonasika hill is the source of the river Baitarani.

Mrugamahdev : A beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is situated on picturesque Thakurani hill. It is situated in Champua subdivision and is 65km away from Keonjhar.


Total Room/Bed = 9/18


OTDC Panthanivas , At/Po. Judia, Keonjhar - 758 002.

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