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Sayaji Hotel - Pune - Maharashtra
[Pune] [Reservation]
Sayaji Hotel - Pune Outer View The majestic Banyan tree occupies a special place in our hearts. There is a genetic imprint that we carry, a collective inherited memory, of the sight of that awe inspiring tree. Every weary wayfarer longed to reach the safe shade of the Banyan. It spread its branches and formed a canopy that shut out the elements. Friends gathered around its girth as they traveled to distant destinations and exchanged tales. Strangers came upon one another around it, shared a meal and went their various ways. Under its ever spreading leafy shade human life surged. People came and went. And in the lives of all those who left home and set out on a journey, the Benevolent Banyan held a special significance. It was a place of safety. A place of comfort and warmth and shade and restfulness. The Banyan took care of you. Protected you. Allowed you to rest awhile and refresh yourself. On that long and arduous journey called life, the Banyan made you feel at home, when you were far away from yours!

At Sayaji we take inspiration from this most revered tree. And strive every day to be for today’s global traveler what the Banyan was for our ancestors – a place to rest, rejuvenate and be cared for. So that every long journey becomes that much more comfortable. So that even you are far from home, you can still feel at home!

Personal Butler & Chef

Leave it to Jeeves!

The legendary Jeeves might be almost impossible to replicate. But at Sayaji we come close. Every guest is assigned the services of a personal butler. So whatever you might need, whether it is medication for a sudden cold or advice on what to have for dinner, or the luxury of someone who will get you your favourite drink without you having to ask for it – at Sayaji, you’ve got it! In the form of a friendly, always at your service, genuinely concerned personal butler.

Food – cooked specially for you!

We understand that you miss having a meal that is cooked with you in mind. That in spite of being surrounded by gourmet delicacies from around the world, sometimes you yearn for that simple rajma chaval, or machcher jhol or aloo ka paratha. That sometimes you desperately miss having someone who knows that you can’t stand mustard or that you prefer your kadhi slightly sweeter than normal. We understand.

Which is why we have put together a team of specialty chefs from across India and the world. And they are at your service. Simply ask for a chef to come and see you. And tell him or her exactly what you want. Or even better, ask your chef for his or her recommendation. And sit back and enjoy your meal. One that has been cooked only for you. Only at Sayaji!

Facilities & Services

For us support services are not an opportunity to make money, but to make you smile!

Feel free to avail of a complete array of services that are either complimentary or priced exceptionally reasonably. Worrying about arranging for your own transport, or carrying tons of extra clothes, or scrabbling around for the best places to eat… just forget it!

At Sayaji, when we say we are providing you with a service, we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Not poke at it tentatively and back away, fearing the worst!

So, when you stay at Sayaji, travel with a light heart, and even lighter baggage. Because we will take care of all that you need. After all, we are Yours. Truly.

Some of our services:

  • Complimentary foot massager available on request in all rooms.
  • Complimentary transport within the city in a radius of 15 kms.
  • Transport available at discounted rates for travel beyond 15 kms, upon request.
  • Computers in every room with complimentary Internet.
  • Fully WiFi premises, access complimentary round the clock for in-house guests.
  • Complimentary buffet breakfast.
  • Complimentary mineral water in rooms and restaurant
  • Complimentary laundry services
  • Complimentary fruit basket
  • Complimentary tea / coffee maker with cookies


When you stay at Sayaji, you are actually staying in a complex that houses 9 different hotels. One on each floor. Each one of these hotels within a hotel has a separate reception counter, dedicated staff and a separate specialty. One floor, for instance, is dedicated to single female travelers, on to travelers from Europe and North America, one to travelers from the Orient. Each floor has special features, special staff and special services catering to the unique requirements of the guests that occupy it. The floor that is dedicated to the female traveler, for instance, has complete female staff. Our Europe and North America floor has updated magazines from those parts of the world.

Every time you check in at Sayaji we will ensure that you can be accommodated on the floor of your choice. So that you are in the care of people who you know by name. Who know you. And what you like. And what you don’t. So that there is this warm, comfortable feeling of coming back to a much loved place!

All in all, the effort once again is to get beneath the skin of our guests and offer services that are detailed, personalized and demonstrative of genuine warmth and caring.

5000 movies. 10,000 songs. Because how you get entertained is something only YOU should decide!

A superb 42’’ flat screen TV. Surround sound music system. Free round the clock Internet. Completely wi-fi premises. We put all of this together.

And then we went a couple of steps ahead. We created content. At Sayaji, choose from a fantastic collection 5000 movies across languages, periods and genres. Ditto with music. Then there are online games, video games, and free 24 hour Internet.

Entertainment is an intensely personal choice. At Sayaji, feel free to make it!

Sayaji Hotel - Pune - Maharashtra

 135/136, Mumbai-Banglore Bypass Highway, Wakad, Pune -411 057,
Maharashtra, India

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