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Railways/Route Kms

Central 7,076
Eastern 4,303
Northern 10,995
North Eastern 5,131
Northeast Frontier 3,858
Southern 7,009
Sourth Central 7,218
South Eastern 7,161
Western 9,735
Mumbai Central Station
Mumbai Central Station is about 5 Km from the main city and about 20 Kms. from the Airport, and is the main debarking station for Western Railway Trains. The major station arrivals and departures are Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Jammu, Indore, Amritsar, Vadodara.


s2.gif (1418 bytes) The station is divided into 3 parts. i.e. Local Trains area/Mail Trains Area/Reservation Center. Each are interconnected within itself.


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Local Train Area

It is an area where local suburban Western Railway operates from Churchgate at one end and Virar at other end. It is divided in to 4 platforms where 1st and 3rd are for departing trains to Borivali and Virar. The 2nd and 4th platforms are for departing trains to Churchgate.

Mail Train Area

It is the central area joining the Local Trains area by a bridge and reservation office which is located in the adjacent building.

Amenities at Mail train Area

Water vending Machine provided by Thermax Culligon-Goodwater. Cold drink stall by Western Dep. Catering Service, Telecommunication Center Day & Night for STD/ISD/PCO, Chemist Stall (Only General medical available, for special medicines, you may have to go outside the station), Books and Periodicals Stalls - 2 nos, toilets for gents and ladies. Also platform ticket window is available for which you can buy for Rs. 3 if you are a visitor and want to go up the platform. Tatkal (Immediate) booking window is also there where confirmed tickets issued one hour before the train if seats available if you have missed the reservation or you have an emergency.

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Eating Out

wb01421_.gif (751 bytes)Refreshment Room serves all the food required, however the quality leaves much to be desired. The selection on the other side the Self Catering Service is better where items are kept in a box and you can select your requirement in a dish and pay at the cashier. The items available are Meduwada, Veg. Cutlet, Idli, Potatowada, Dalwada, Samosa, Slice Cake, Donut, Veg Roll, Jain Pattice, Veg Chinese Pattice, Chicken Pattice, cold drinks and hot drinks. Some of the items are from Monginis and Jain Bakers. Outside the Refreshment Room are HPMC apple juice counter and Tea/Coffee vending machines.


Assistance booth is located at the entrance of the s1.gif (2041 bytes)platforms. The assistance is given by Railway Protection Force. The services are as follows:

  1. Acceptance of FIR for passenger Luggage Theft.
  2. Arrival and Departure of Trains.
  3. List of Hospitals and Telephone Nos.
  4. First Aid, Stretcher, Wheel Chair
  5. RPF Dog Sqad, Fire Extinguishers, Torches for Emergency Light, Metal Detectors.
  6. Information on City Bus Service, Railway Timetable for Sale, One Rupee coin for Telephone
  7. Information on Lodging and Boarding, Telephone Directory (MTNL)


You can find porters in red uniforms who will assist you in locating the platform and rail compartment and your luggage movement. The official rates of porters are as follows: Head load per Trip-Rs. 7.50 | 2 Wheel Barrow Rs. 16.00 | 4 Wheel Barrow-Rs. 17.50 | 2 Wheel Chair or stretcher-Rs. 17.50 | 4 Wheel Chair Car or stretcher-Rs. 35.00 | Porters will also misguide you for space available in the train, however these seats are in the un-reserved coaches where they keep the seats before the train enters the platform.

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Cloak Room and Retiring Rooms

Cloak Room is available in the main lounge of the the station where you can keep your excess luggage if you are a transit passenger. However it operates on the following rules:


  1. Passengers are requested to show their tickets before depositing the luggage.
  2. Passengers without tickets are not entitled to deposit the luggage.
  3. Passengers are requested to deposit locked luggage. Eatables, Hazardous goods, Livestock, commercial goods, vehicles are not allowed. Closing Time: 6.30 to 7.00 A.M., 14.00 P.M. to 14.30 P.M., 22.00 P.M. to 22.30 P.M. The charges are Rs. 5/6/7 for 24/36/48 hours respectively. The retiring rooms are available on the 2nd floor of the Station for which you have to take permission from the main railway office on the platform No. 5.

Trains arrivals and departures

The trains arrival or departure are from platform nos. 1-5. All the platforms are provided with various stalls for eatables and cold drinks. At the beginning of the platforms, reservation charts/position are kept on a display board before the train departures for the assistance of the passengers.

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Reservation Centre

The biggest reservation centre in Mumbai after Mumbai V.T. It contains 3 sections. ie. one for buying current tickets, one for enquiry and one for reservations. For reservations , they are 35 counters, which all are computerised and any class any train ticket can be booked on any of the windows. However some of the windows are reserved for other zones booking. Counter No. 12 is for Ladies. Counter No. 35 is for Tatkal (Immediate) booking. Tatkal tickets are available for 1 day advance of the commencement of the journey and the rules for the same are as follows:

  • Voters Card/Passport/Driving Licence is required for the booking. 2. Passengers should be personally present for the booking.
  • This facility is available for Shatabadi/Paschim Express/Kutch Express/August Kranti Express/Mumbai-Jaipur Superfast/Saushtra Mail/Golden Temple/Vadodara Express.
  • The charges for this service is Rs 50 for above trains except August Kranti Express which is Rs. 150.
  • The reservation centre timings are 8.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. and 14.15 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. on week day and 8.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. on Sunday.

Car Parks/Transport

Car parks are available at Mumbai Central on one side for Taxis and on the other for private vehicles. However it is always full with vehicles. Taxis are available which are metered but chances of higher fare asked by the driver in case of shorter distance. Insist for meter card at the time of payment.





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