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Mercedes 'C' Class
Mercedes 'E' Class
Honda City - AC
Mitsubishi Lancer - AC
Ford Ikon - AC
Maruti Esteem - AC
Tata Indigo - AC
Tata Indica
Maruti Omni - Non AC
Ambassador Non AC
Ambassador AC
Tata Sumo - AC
Tata Sumo - Non AC
Toyota Qualis - AC
Toyota Qualis - Non AC
Toyota Innova - AC
Mahindra Scorpio
Deluxe Coach - 32 Seater
Deluxe  Coach - 20 Seater
Tempo Traveler - 10 Seater
Hyundai Accent
Mahindra Bolero
Mahindra XYLO

Mahindra Marshal AC

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Indiatravelite can provide Rent-A-Car Service at the following places for Airport Transfers, Guided Tours, Inter City Transfers, India Tours.  Ex.

  • North India- Delhi, Agra, Bodhgaya ,Lucknow, Gwalior, Jhansi(Orchha) ,Khajuraho ,Varanasi ,Dharamshala, Shimla, Manali .

  • Rajasthan - Jaipur , Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, 

  • South India- Bangalore, Chennai,Kodaikanal , Madurai , Hyderabad,Coibatore, Hospet (Hampi)

  • Kerala - Cochin ,Trivandrum

  • West India-Mumbai , Goa, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Pune

  • East India- Kolkatta ,Bhubaneshwar , Darjeeling,Gangtok ,Kalimpong , West Bengal & Sikkim , Pelling

Booking Tips:
  • The most preferred car are  Tata Indica/Tata Indigo / Toyota Innova/Tempo Traveler  in India for comfortable, safe travel & reasonable rates.

  • All the cars are Chauffer Driven car.  

  • The price is always inclusive of the fuel charges/Driver Cost. We can not offer car without Driver or Self Driven. 

  • It is advisable in India to take car with driver only due to Interstate Road Travel. 

  • The car views are given at below link.

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Total number of travelers:
Route Details


Leaving from:


Going to:

Will that be a roundtrip? Yes No
When would you like to travel?
Pick Up:  at: 
Drop Off:  at: 

Car Itinerary / Routing

Day 1 :  
Day 2 :  
Day 3 :  
Day 4 :  
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Day 6:   
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Additional Days :    
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Car Type


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We will quote the rates/availability with our service charges, once the request received at Your end. For any Query,  mail to
--------------Car Type
Luxury Premium Economy/ Compact
Mercedes 'C' Class Ford Ikon - AC Tata Indica
Mercedes 'E' Class Maruti Esteem - AC Maruti Omni - Non AC
Honda City - AC Tata Indigo - AC Tata Winger
Mitsubishi Lancer - AC Hyundai Accent AC --------------
Toyota Camry Mahindra Verito AC --------------




SUV (Touring) Luxury Coach
Tata Sumo - AC Deluxe Coach - 32 Seater --------------
Tata Safari DICOR Deluxe  Coach - 20 Seater --------------
Toyota Qualis - AC Tempo Traveler - 10 Seater --------------
Toyota Qualis - Non AC Volvo --------------
Toyota Innova - AC Tata Globus --------------
Mahindra Scorpio Tata Starbus Standard --------------
Mahindra Bolero Tata Starbus Deluxe --------------
Mahindra Marshal -------------- --------------
Mahindra XYLO -------------- --------------
Chevrolet Tavera AC/ Non AC -------------- --------------

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