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State Sikkim
City Kaluk
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Ghonday Resort - Kaluk - West Sikkim


Ghonday Resort - Kaluk Outer View

Welcome to Ghonday Village Resort located at the most beautiful countryside,Kaluk(Rinchenpong)which is hemmed in sublime Mt. Kanchendzonga range, historical heritage houses and monks’ hymn resonating monasteries . The resort offers you the best panoramic view of Mount Kanchendzonga range. The rooms of the resort romantically named after the peaks of Mount Kanchendzonga are equipped with all state-of-art comforts and hospitality. Not only this, you will be greeted by cheerful and friendly villagers, serene and tranquil surroundings and lush green vegetation while entering Kaluk. Mouth-watering, tasty and delicious local organic food and drinks are other items that attract and mesmerize you in the resort. Not to mention, a beautiful valley of rich terraced paddy fields bounded by forest covered hills will be another prize for any tourists.



Ghonday Village Resort provides Star category rooms with local food, complementary drinks and warm Sikkimese traditional reception. Besides,

  • Hot and Cold water

  • Room Heaters

  • Laundry

  • TV (Suite cottage and Supper Deluxe)

  • Shoe Shiner

  • Water Boiler

  • Complementary Hot Bags in winter

  • Bed Tea

  • cookies

  • Lawn in front of every cottage and

    Restaurant will also be available.

  • 24 hour room service

  • Children Park are our other specialty

  • On demand, we can also arrange local cultural programmes to guests

Places of Interest

Located in the laps of the Himalayas in western part of Sikkim, this village is an ideal retreat for the people who are fond of getting natural beauty of hills. Kaluk is a bounty of nature. By virtue of its location, it offers a full and clear view of Kanchendzonga range and ample options of day excursions in West and Southern part of the State. Bestowed with its pure natural beauty and historical significance, Kaluk offers ample opportunities to spend the moments reverberating their whole life

  • Rabdentse - is a historical significant place. It was once the capital of Sikkim. After the fall of Yuksam dynasty, Rabdentse remained capital of Chogyal dynasty till 1814. The ruins of the old capital are still here reliving the glorious past. One can reach the site trekking on footpath from main road.

  • The Lepcha Heritage House - was built in 1860 by Phintso Thekadar, a renowned Lepcha landlord of his time. The house was built to accommodate the British Governor who used to visit the place. With rich paintings and carvings, the house takes you back into history. You can also get to see Lepcha people in their traditional dress nearby villages of Heritage House.

  • Pemayangtse Monastery - is the second oldest monastery built in Sikkim in 17th Century and belongs to Nyingmapa sect. The monastery has housed a statue of Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), the first Dharmaguru to preach Buddhism in Sikkim.

  • Barshey - is at an altitude of 10,000 ft. It is four kilometers away from Hilley but it takes 2 hours approx to reach Barshey in trekking. During the month of March, bright red rhododendrons enchant the entire surroundings. The branches of trees entwined with each other form green canopy below the azure sky.

  • Rinchenpong Dak Bunglow - The famour poet Rabindra Nath Tagore is believed to have visited and stayed at this Dak Bunglow when he came to Darjeeling. The local people of Rinchenpong have named ‘Tagore Smriti Van' one of the smriti vans in memory of this famour poet’s name. A small beautiful lake is also available near Dak Bunglow.

  • Srebaadam Monastery - (Phuntso Nayup Choeling Monastery) is located in the green serenity of a village, mostly inhabited by Bhutia tribe of Sikkim. It takes ten minute trekking to reach the village from Srebaadam Bazzar.

  • Chengey Falls - A 30 kms drive from the resort, crossing picturesque Dentam village, the Changey falls offers a soothing experience. The water cascade seems white pearls are droping down from loafty height is a cherishing sight. There are also sheds with sitting arrangement to enjoy the view of falling stream in cool comfort.

  • Singsore Bridge - On the way to Changey falls you can also visit Singsore Bridge, the highest bridge of Asia.

  • The Rinchenpong monastery (Gey-Sanga-Yangtze Monastery) - Built in 1730 is the third oldest monastery in Sikkim. It has housed a statue of Ati Buddha in Yab-Yum position. The monastery belongs to Nyingma sect of Tantrik Buddhism. A 'seda' is also attached to the monastery for boarding and study of Buddhism for young lamas.

  • The Resum Monastery - Built two centuries ago by a Lepcha landlord is located atop a trijunction of three hills. It also offers a panoramic view of surrounding hills. Tourists can reach the place by trekking.

Ghonday Resort - Kaluk Location Map View

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Ghonday Resort - Kaluk Room View



Ghonday Village Resort,  Kaluk, West Sikkim.

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