Pachranga Jaipur Rajasthan

Pachranga  Jaipur Rajasthan

Pachranga : The Flag of Jaipur Royal Family : Jaipur Royal Family flag "Pachranga" is high flying with pride at Jaigarh Fort and City Palace. Each color has a glorious history to share with you.

In fact The Kachwahas ruled a number of princely states in Rajasthan. The largest and oldest among them was Amer. The original flag of the Kachwahas was called "Jhadshahi". As the Kachwaha clan were very brave they fought and won many neighboring states. In 1585 When Raja Man Singh defeated five major Afghan tribes, the flag of Amber was changed to include the 5 colours of the 5 tribes. The simple green creeper on a white background gave way to five bands of colours – Red, Yellow, White, Green and Blue. The new flag was called the ‘Pachranga’ – the flag with 5 colours.

In 1699, Raja Jai Singh II came to power. He was then just a 11 years old boy, but very soon he became one of the most brave and intelligent rulers of India. When he was in power, the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb was in power. The young Maharaja impressed the Emperor that he was awarded the title ‘Sawai’. The word literally means ‘one and a quarter’, and the title meant that the king was a quarter above others. It was then that the flag gained the additional flag – a quarter the size of the original flag, showing the same pattern and colours, it flew above the flag, proclaiming that it was the flag of the sawai maharajha

By Air : The Jaipur International Airport is called Sanganer Airport. There are domestic flight connections to and from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur and several other places. There are also international flights from Jaipur to Dubai and Muscat as well.

By Road : A convenient way to travel to Jaipur is by road. Regular service of AC and Deluxe buses is available from all major cities in Rajasthan.

By Rail : Jaipur is connected via rail from Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, etc.

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