Ranthambore Jeep Safari

Ranthambore Jeep Safari

ABOUT US :Ranthambore National Park
Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest and most famous national parks in northern India. It is situated in Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, about 180 km from Jaipur, which is also the nearest airport. The nearest town and railway station is at Sawai Madhopur, about 11 km away.
Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary is famous for its tigers and is one of the best places in India to see these majestic predators in the jungle. Tigers can be easily spotted even during the day time. A good time to visit Ranthambore National Park is in November and May when the nature of the dry deciduous forests makes sightings common. Its deciduous forests were once a part of the magnificent jungles of Central India.The park lies at the edge of a plateau, and is bounded to the north by the Banas River and to the south by the Chambal River. There are several lakes in the park. It is named for the historic Ranthambhore fortress, which lies within the national park. The park covers an area of 392 km², and is famous for its tiger population, and is one of India's Project Tiger reserves. Other major wild animals include the tiger, leopard, nilgai, dhole, wild boar, sambar, hyena, sloth bear and chital. It is also home to wide variety of trees, plants, birds and reptiles. Ranthambore is also the site for one of the largest banyan trees in India.

Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest and most famous national parks in northern India. It is situated in Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern About Fateh Singh Rathore Rajasthan, about 180 km from Jaipur, which is also the nearest airport. The nearest town and railway station is at Sawai Madhopur, about 11 km away. Ranthambore National Park. Visit to ranthambore national park enjoy the morning and evening game drives to this park, but remember Ranthambore National Park Safari Timings when going to visit Ranthambore park for tiger safari and game drives in ranthambore.. Confirm your Ranthambore National park online safari booking today and get chance to spot the tiger in Ranthambore National park.Adventure with Ranthambore Jeep safari is the best way to observe wildlife within Ranthambore National Park. Jeeps with groups of tourists, accompanied by a trained guide are allowed into the park at fixed times during the morning and evening. The jeeps have to follow a fixed route and leave the park by the end of the appointed time. At a given time not more 4 jeeps can travel on a particular route and more then 40 vehicles are not allowed into the park. Apart from jeeps, open vans called canters, which can carry up to 25 people, are also used to carry large groups of people into the park. The open grasslands, forested areas and ruins of monuments within Ranthambore National park provide many opportunities for wildlife viewing while on a jeep safari of National Park Ranthambore. Tigers can be seen hunting deer, their primary prey, on the open grassy regions. A glimpse of a magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger is a sight that cannot be forgotten.

Mode of Transport
a) Gypsy [Open 4 Wheel Drive Jeep] 6 Seater
b) Diesel Canter [Open Safari Bus] 20 Seater
c) Petrol Canter [Open Safari Bus] 12-15 Seater

The Canter
The Canter is an open-topped bus, seating 16 passengers. It’s ideal for larger groups. The canter suffers a bad reputation but has perks of its own; its height gives an elevated view of the jungle beyond.

The Jeep
The Jeep (aka Gypsy) is the vehicle of choice for most visitors to Ranthambhore. It is shared amongst 6 passengers, though we can reserve a private Jeep too. Perfect for individuals, couples or small groups.

Ranthambore National Park Safari Timings
The Park timings depend on the time of the sunrise and sunset. Generally speaking, the Park opens to the tourists half an hour after sunrise and closes half an hour before sunset. For most part of the year it would be safe to say that the timings are as follows:

Ranthambhore 01 to 10 Zone open from 01st Oct. till 30th June & 01 July till 30 Sep zone No. 06,07, 08 & 10 will open for the safari.
Rest of the Time Park is closed for the Visitors
The summer and winter timings of the Jeep Safaris at Ranthambore National Park are given below:

 Winter Timings: 
Entry                   Exit
Morning Safari:
6 : 30 hrs            10: 30 hrs
Evening Safari:
14 : 00 hrs        18: 00 hrs

Summer Timings: 
Entry               Exit
Morning Safari:
6: 00 hrs      10: 00 hrs
Evening Safari:
14: 30 hrs       18: 30 hrs

Best Time to Visit : - 
The safari times at Ranthambore National Park may change slightly depending on the weather at different times of the year. Only previously approved vehicles can enter the National Park Ranthambore. Inside the Ranthambore wildlife reserve, all vehicles have to follow a fixed route and must leave the park in the evening by 6:30 p.m.
Ranthambhore National Park - Game Drive Through The Year
December ~ January ~ February

These are the cold months of winter & tiger sightings and game drives in ranthambore are good. Tigers enjoy walking long distance, and there is very little rain, skies are clear & the light in the early mornings and evening is superb. This is the time when crocodiles sunbathe on the banks of the lake to fight the cold. It is also a time that the sambar deer are in full rut and courtship amongst most of the ungulates is at its peak. Warm clothes are a must as it is icy in the mornings in the jeep.

March ~ April ~ May ~ June
As summertime approaches the water holes dry up. There are large concentrations of animals to be seen in the summer. This is also the time when the jungle's flame of the forest flowers in magnificent hues of red and the lotus is in bloom in the lakes. Many migratory birds like the paradise flycatcher and the golden oriole arrive in the park. Crocodiles are exceedingly active because of the hot temperatures. It is also the fruiting season for mangos, tendu etc. The tiger is sluggish and can be found near water. The weather is very hot and dry.

July ~August ~ September
The park remains closed due to the monsoon rains.

October ~ November
This is a beautiful time in the forest as it is still green after the soaking of the monsoon. Sightings of animals and tigers are not so good since they disperse, as there is a lot of water everywhere. It can be hot in the day, but pleasure in the evening. There may be a few showers. It is also a great time to watch birds of prey and the insect life in the Park. If you are lucky you can see snakes roaming around. Remember in October the roads are being repaired ( after the onslaught of the monsoon ) so you may not be able to reach all your destinations.

How To Reach Ranthambhore National Park
BY AIR : The nearest airports is at Jaipur ( 160 kms.).

By Rail : Sawai Madhopur ( 10 kms from the National Park ) is on the main line between Delhi and Mumbai(Bombay). There is a direct rail link between 

  • Ranthambore Fort. This majestic fort is the landmark of Ranthambore National Park. ...
  • Trinetra Ganesh Temple. ...
  • Surwal Lake. ...
  • Padam Lake. ...
  • Kachida Valley. ...
  • Jogi Mahal. ...
  • Raj Bagh Ruins.

  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Jungle Safari
  • Taking The Tiger Home
  •  Hiking Up To The Ranthambore Fort
  • Bird Watching