Full Moon at Taj Mahal Agra Uttar Pradesh

Full Moon at Taj Mahal Agra Uttar Pradesh

Agra is famous as being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the world-the Taj Mahal. The architectural splendour of the mausoleums, the fort and the palaces is vivid reminder  of the opulence of the legendary Mughal empire, of which Agra was the capital in the 16th and early 17th centuries. While its significance as a political center ended with the transfer of the capital to Delhi in 1634 by Shah Jahan, its architectural wealth has secured its place on the international map. A pleasant town with a comparatively slow pace, Agra is known for its superb inlay work on marble and soapstone by craftsmen who are descendants of those who worked under the Mughals. The city is also famous for its carpets, gold thread embroidery and leather shoes.


Agra, The Chosen City for Taj Mahal : Agra was the chosen city of the Mughal emperors during the early years. It was here that the founder of the dynasty, Babur, laid out the first formal Persian garden on the banks of the River Yamuna. Here, Akbar, his grandson, raised the towering ramparts of the great Red Fort. Within its walls, Jehangir built rose-red palaces, courts and gardens. Shahjahan embellished it with marbled mosques, palaces and pavillions of gem-inlaid white marble. Agra is globally renown as the city of the Taj Mahal, a monument of love and imagination, that represents India to the world.


History of Taj Mahal India  : The origin of the name the "Taj Mahal" is not clear. Court histories from Shah Jehan's reign only call it the rauza (tomb) of Mumtaz Mahal. It is generally believed that "Taj Mahal" (usually translated as either "Crown Palace" or "Crown of the Palace") is an abbreviated version of her name, Mumtaz Mahal (Exalted One of the Palace).


TAJ MAHAL NIGHT VIEWING DATES - Dates marked in Red bold indicate full moon days 


  • January       : 21s Jan 2019
  • February     : 19th Feb 2019
  • March          : 21st Mar 2019 
  • April            : 30th Apr 2018
  • May             :  No
  • June            : 28th Jun 2018
  • July              :  No
  • August        : 26th Aug 2018
  • September  : 25th Sept 2018
  • October       : 24th Oct 2018
  • November   :  No
  • December   : 22nd Dec 2018

By Air :  The fastest way of reaching Taj Mahal, Agra is by air. The city of Taj, Agra, has its own airport that is around 7 km from the city center. Indian Airlines operates flights to Agra on a daily basis.


By Rail : There is a good network of trains connecting Agra with the rest of the country. Apart from the main railway station of Agra Cantonment, there are other two stations also, that of Raja-ki-Mandi and Agra Fort. The main trains connecting Agra with Delhi are Palace on Wheels, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and Taj Express.


By Road : There are regular bus services from Agra to a number of important cities. The main bus stand of Idgah has a number of buses running for Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura, Fatehpur-Sikri, etc.


Local Transportation : After reaching the city also, you need some sort of local transport to reach Taj Mahal. You can easily get taxi, tempo, auto-rickshaw and cycle rickshaw in the city that will take you to your destination. Prepaid taxis are also available if you want to visit the various places near the city. For the adventurous kind, there are bicycles that can be hired on hourly basis from different parts of the city. Since diesel and petrol vehicle are not permitted in the vicinity of Taj Mahal area, you can find battery-operated buses, horse-driven tongas, rickshaws and other pollution-free vehicles there.

  • Agra Fort 
  • Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra
  • Fatehpur Sikri
  • Itmad-ud-Daulah Tomb
  • Mankameshwar Temple
  • Ram Bagh
  • Swami Bagh Samadhi
  • Vrindavan
  • Jama Masjid
  • Chini Ka Rauza
  • Guru ka Tal
  • Mariam's Tomb
  • Mehtab Bagh
  • Keetham Lake

Taj Mahal Night Tour

Timings: 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Fee: On Request
Free Entry for Children below 3 years of age (Indians & Foreigners)


Full Moon at Taj:  

  1. The Supreme Court has now permitted visit to Tajmahal by moonlight.
  2. The Tajmahal by moonlight shall be open on Full moon day and 2 days before and 2 days after the full moon.
  3. On every Friday, it shall remain closed. (even for moonlight visit it shall remain closed on Friday).
  4. The full moon dates are given below. 
  5. The entrance tickets presently are as follows:
  6. Tajmahal for moonlight visits shall NOT be open to visitors during the month of RAMZAN.
  7. For Foreigners following required to obtain permit: Name, Sex, Passport Number. Age, Nationality.


Full Moon Dates : 

  • The Tajmahal by moonlight shall be open on Full moon day and two days before and two days after the full moon, except Friday. 
  • Even for moonlight visit it shall remain closed on Friday. During month of August 2011 Taj Mahal shall not open due to Ramzan. 
  • The tickets are issued ONLY ONE DAY in advance from ASI, Agra office. There is NO same day issue of tickets.
  • The timings for ticket purchase are 1100 hours to 1700 hours one day before. 
  • ASI needs following details in advance on the application form for ALL guests : Name, Sex, Passport number, Age & Nationality. 
  • For Indians need age / address and full names for all guests.