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Address : Neriamangalam Road, Inchathotty, Kerala - 686681, India 


Windermere River House is the epitome of calm.

It sits on two acres of lush garden right on the banks of the Periyar River, and the loudest sound you’ll hear is the splash of water or the call of a bird. The evergreen forests that surround it host some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, waiting to be explored.


The River House echoes a stately old Colonial bungalow. The rooms are large, with soaring ceiling and furniture that have been customized and handcrafted on site, following the old traditions. The common spaces are thoughtfully arranged to balance camaraderie with privacy, and the home-styled meals are fashioned from the bounty of the land, with a little help from our own kitchen garden.

We specialize in solitude, long walks, stretching out on the lawns, quiet boat-rides in the sunset, a pool overlooking the water, leisurely yoga sessions and dinner under the stars.

Read on to know what else the River House has to offer you.


Dining :

The dining experience at the River House echoes an older time, when the menu was decided based on what was the harvest of the day. We source our produce fresh from farmers from around the village and supplement it with the catch of the day and our own kitchen garden.

Our kitchen is extraordinarily flexible, providing almost an exclusive butler service experience – 
given a little notice, our chef can whip up anything you want.


Our dining space is rather unique – large, open and set right on the banks of the river. 
It’s designed to be minimalist, letting the view and the food take centre stage.
We also have seating by the pool, which serves as a lovely setting for breakfast. If you’d like to learn a little bit about Kerala’s rich cuisine, just let us know. We can have a kitchen range brought out and arrange a private cooking lesson for you, right by the river.
If you’re planning on going on a trek or a walk and feel like dining in the wild, our chef can prepare a lovely picnic hamper for you to take along.


Explore Our Features : 


There are little pockets of magic hidden all over the River House, waiting for you. Will you find them all?


The River Bank

For most of the year, the river is calm. It is a tributary of the Periyar, running down the hills before joining another tributary downstream to form the catchment of the Boothathankettu Dam. But during the monsoon, when the Dam’s shutters are raised and the river roars by, breaking over the boulders, it’s a sight to see. 
We don’t advise swimming in the river, but it’s a lovely spot to do a little fishing in the shade. If you feel like it, you can join our neighbor on a canoe ride down the river.


The Garden
The River House’s terraced garden is constantly evolving. Over the years it’s been a lush forest and then a rubber plantation, until we found it. Now, you’ll find a tiny orchard of young fruit trees, a little patch of nutmeg, a vegetable garden and a lawn that stretches to the banks of the river. The garden is a lovely place to laze with a book and watch the river flow by.


The Yoga Studio
Our yoga studio is a breezy space, open on three sides and overlooking the pool and the rubber plantations. Take a seat on the cooling red oxide floors, inhale the fresh forest air and reconnect with yourself. If you’d like special yoga lessons, do write us in advance and we’ll have an instructor waiting for you.


The Living Room
In the unlikely event that you feel like staying indoors, we recommend the living room. It’s airy, full of sunshine and has the strongest WiFi signal in the district. Ask for a board game, a book or simply indulge in the forgotten art of conversation.


The Pool
Our sun-soaked, granite-finished infinity pool looks out over the river and is the perfect place to relax after a long walk or even after a long day of doing absolutely nothing. Take a dip, cool off and watch the sun go down behind the hills.

Room Types :


Living Room - From the road, the River House could easily be mistaken for a Planter’s home, and we’re quite proud of that. Sitting on a little terraced clearing right by the water and surrounded by rubber estates, the River House is an oasis of calm. The House itself is built on the highest point with the gardens running down to the pool and dining hall which overlook the river.


Riverhouse Rooms -  The house is built on the sloped terrains of the lands and has an upper and lower floor; four of our rooms overlooking the expansive garden on either corners on both floors. The rooms are large airy and bright, finished in traditional terra cotta tiles, and handcrafted furniture.


The Room -  The duplex room has a study room on the upper floor, and the steps lead to the lower floor bedroom. You have a small step out garden from the bedroom. The rooms share a common living room, and open common areas with high ceilings.

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07 - 15 Days before check in or else cancellation charges applicable.
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