Access To Eiffel Tower Guided Tour To The 2nd Floor. By City Wonders - Paris - France

Access To Eiffel Tower Guided Tour To The 2nd Floor. By City Wonders - Paris - France Access To Eiffel Tower Guided Tour To The 2nd Floor. By City Wonders - Paris - France Access To Eiffel Tower Guided Tour To The 2nd Floor. By City Wonders - Paris - France Access To Eiffel Tower Guided Tour To The 2nd Floor. By City Wonders - Paris - France

Location - Paris

The Tour

Unlike other operators, we start our tour at Trocadero Plaza, by far the best vantage point from which to photograph the tower. Follow your guide then, across the Iena Bridge and to the base of the Eiffel Tower, listening all the while to the fascinating history of the original "Dame de Fer" (Iron Lady). The Eiffel Tower was born a rebel. Artists around the country worked tirelessly to stop her construction and then to bring her down but she would defy them all. She's a surviver; outlasting all of her critics, reinventing herself generation after generation and working her way from outcast to perhaps the world's greatest icon. On this special access tour of the Eiffel Tower your expert, English-speaking, guide w ill reveal the stories behind her creation, near demise, and glorious rise to the top. You'll have a chance to enjoy her every curve from every angle and to understand the beautiful science that keps her standing. Your guide will accompany you to the dedicated observation deck on the second level, from where they'll point out the marvels that lay at your feet. From here, take in iconic sights such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, and Notre Dame while enjoying your guide's insightful and entertaining commentary. After touring Paris from above, you will have the opportunity to buy a ticket to the summit if you so wish. Join us as we explore the beauty and history of the Eiffel Tower.

Tour Description

Take some time to get acquainted with Paris's most famous lady on our in-depth Special Access Eiffel Tower Tour. With our special access you'll head straight past the long entrance lines at the Eiffel Tower, potentially saving hours of waiting time!

Highlights - PLEASE NOTE! The meeting point is not at the Eiffel Tower. This service ends at the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Once on the second floor clients are free to purchase a ticket which allows them to ascend to the summit in their own time. Extra measures may be implemented at some venues due to heightened global security. As a result, we may experience delays in getting through mandatory security checks when entering these venues. To avoid disruptions or possible denied entry, we strongly suggest that you avoid bringing large purses, bags, or backpacks on your tour. Gratuities to guides providing excellent service are appreciated. It is the responsibility of all visitors to be at the meeting point 15 minutes be fore departure. Guests arriving after departure cannot be accommodated, and missed tours or tickets cannot be refunded. For help with meeting points or other urgent issues, please phone 0033 1 70371426. Our City Wonders coordinators will be wearing blue polo shirts or jackets at the meeting point for easy recognition. This tour involves a reasonable amount of walking; comfortable shoes are recommended. We regret that we are unable to accommodate guests with wheelchairs or any impairments requiring special assistance. We are also unable to accommodate strollers or baby carriages on our group tours. Some sites visited lack shade and can be hot under direct sunlight. We recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water in warm weather.

Tour Includes

Expert, English-speaking tour guide; Small groups of 25 people or fewer; Reservation and entrance tickets with special access to 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower; Headsets when appropriate, so you can always hear your guide

Duration - 1 hr 30 mins

Cancellation Policy

1 week before start of the journey , else cancellation charges applicable. 5 % charges applicable for refund back to your card in case of cancellation.